Packaging Adhesives

Hotmelt adhesives are most commonly used for packaging, although some applications lend themselves to the use of water base resin cements. Hotmelts are used because of the speed at which they set, and can be used for both assembly of package blocking and bracing and package sealing. We offer the following adhesives for package fabrication:

Water Base:

LR200 – A fast setting resin cement. Can be used for assembly of built-up blocks of corrugated and foam bonding.


TP807J – Aggressive pressure sensitive hotmelt. Label bonding, product assembly, foam bonding. Bonding of paper, plastics, corrugated.

TQ54G – Sets quickly to allow rapid closure of cartons. Bonds to difficult substrates such as coated stock or light waxed stock.

GLUE-STICKS: – We offer 6 types of hot melt sticks. Click Glue Sticks for more information