Labeling Adhesives

Labeling adhesives are used for labeling products such as bottles, cans, boxes, etc, and also for mounting display labels for cartons, product packaging, custom Labels and personalized Labels.
The majority of labeling adhesives can be broken into two basic types – water base adhesives and hotmelts. The differences between the various adhesives within these groups are described in the section titles “Adhesive Types”, along with the key characteristics of each type of glue.
The products listed below are field proven products with excellent performance records. They can satisfy the majority of product labeling and label mounting applications.


LD100A – A fast setting dextrine adhesive for gluing paper labels to paperboard, corrugated, wood and paper products. Low cost and easy clean up. Great for small labels.
LF150 – A slower setting dextrine adhesive with “lay-flat” properties. Slower set time allows larger labels to be smoothed or repositioned before glue sets. Easy cleanup. Bonds to paper, wood, glass, corrugated, chipboard .
LR200 – A fast setting resin cement with high wet tack. Bonds have a high degree of resistance to moisture. Great for labeling glass, plastics, metal, coated labels, and paper products. Also used for bonding flaps on corrugated and paperboard cartons.
LR202 – Slower setting resin cement. Allows more time for label positioning and for smoothing out large labels.
CL300 – Fast setting cement for gluing coated or varnished paper stock that are difficult to bond. Also used for gluing labels to painted surfaces that reject other adhesives. Can be cleaned with water while still wet, dries clear to slightly cloudy.


TP807J – Aggressive pressure sensitive hotmelt. Label bonding, product assembly, foam bonding. Bonding of paper, plastics, corrugated.