Application Equipment


pro500glue gunPro500 Pneumatic Glue Gun

Uses air pressure to feed glue stick -eliminates hand fatigue.
º 400 watts of heating power for continuous glue flow
º Output: up to 10lbs per hour
º Flow adjustment control
º Stroke adjustment screw allows for equal glue
º Includes storage case and air pressure regulator
º Uses 5/8 diameter 10″ glue sticks

Pro500LT Pneumatic Glue Gun

º 400 watts
º low temperature

Pro9000A Glue Gun

Thermostat for consistent glue melting
º 200 watts for mid to high volume applications
º Ergonomic handle reduces fatigue
º Metal base and Magnetic handle
º Use regular size 7/16″ diameter sticks

Pro7000A Glue Gun
Same features as Pro9000 model but with positive control heaters and 100 watts of heating power
Pro4000A Glue Gun
º 80 watts for lower volume runs
º Lightweight
º Use regular size 7/16″ dia sticks
Pro400 Glue Gun

º Hi-Temp Glue Gun
º 400 watts

Pro400 LT Glue Gun

º Lo-Temp Glue Gun
º 400 watts

Industrial Hot-Melt Applicator

753 Hot-Melt Applicator
A stationary pneumatic hot- melt applicator designed for hands-free assembly line applications
º 2 lb. melt tank capacity
º 5.5 lbs per hour melting capacity
º Shot timer (dispenses exactly same amount of glue each time
º Adjustable temperature (200º- 500ºF)
º Adjustable air pressure regulator ( controls flow)
º Foot switch for on-demand gluing or for activating shot
º 3 interchangeable nozzles, .040, .080 & .125
110 Volts 33lbs.

Industrial Roll Coating Machinery

Schaefer Machine Company manufactures a full line of rollcoating machines for the application of adhesives t sheet materials. Machines are available to coat anything from samll wine labels to large sheets of foam, corrugated or chipboard.

Hot-Melt Roll Coater

13″-40″ wide
The Schaefer RT series Hot-melt Rollcoaters are used to apply hot melt adhesives to sheets of material up to 40″ wide. They are equipped with a powered feedroll system for coating thin parts and wide sheets. They also have a variable speed drive, electronic temperature control, and coating adjustments capable of coating parts up to 6″ thick. Ideal uses include foam fabrication and automotive assembly.

Schaefer Machine Company

Sheet Cementer

18″ – 50″ wide
Schaefer’s Sheet Cementers are used for gluing large labels or printed sheets for mounting to corrugated, chipboard or foam core board. They are ideal for creating point of purchase displays, decorative package labeling, and mounting prints. Feedroll arrangements are available for coating paper, chipboard, corrugated, or foam sheets. Use with cold water based adhesives.

Schaefer Machine Company

Label Cementer

6″-15″ wide
Used for gluing paper labels, Schaefer’s Label Cementers apply a thin layer of adhesive to the back surface. Ideal for short runs, some typical applications are gluing labels for wine beer, specialty foods, cleaning solutions, and agricultural products. They can be used with any water-based adhesive.

Schaefer Machine Company